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Ye Olde Brothers Brewery is a destination

Only 6.2 miles up Highway 87 is Ye Olde Brothers Brewery, a popular, family-friendly restaurant that has become a destination.

Currently the only brewery in the area, it will celebrate its fourth   anniversary in April and continues to grow.

Catering for special events, an entertainment area out back and steaks on the menu on Friday and Saturday nights are among the changes coming soon to Ye Olde. There is also a beer festival slated for March 30.

Jerry and Larry Rolison are system designers by trade and have been involved in the business for 30 years. They decided to brew their own craft beer several years ago and have been at it ever since.

“We got to thinking, we do automation and can design our own system. And then we decided why not build a brew pub and sell our beer,” Larry said. “It took on a life of its own from there.”


The brewery is thriving and offers a great selection of bear and food.

The beer is brewed right on site and 12 different beers are on tap, including the staples of the lineup: Black Bear Honey Wheat, East Bay IPA, Panhandle Porter, Crafty Coyote Cream Ale and Blackwater Bourbon Oatmeal Stout.

Rachel Breite is involved in the brewing process with Jerry and she said they are constantly coming up with new recipes for beer. They even have a Randall beer infuser that can be used to experiment with adding flavors to a beer without having to come up with an entirely new beer.

There is also now a small collection of craft specialties in bottles and cans. Domestics are also back. Pitchers and Flights are also available.

But it’s not just beer you will find at Ye Olde. Delicious brick oven pizza made with top quality ingredients, including homemade sauces and dough, are one of the menu’s biggest hits.

If you are looking for a new appetizer to try, pickle chips are now on the menu.

And manager Christy Skerrett said the chicken wings are among the best that you will ever eat, noting she will put her name to that statement. A variety of sauces are available to go with the wings.

Smoked meat is now available as well, including ribs, pulled pork or brisket, and if you are looking for dessert after your meal, turtle cheese cake and apple cobbler with ice cream are among your choices.

Chocolate cake, blackberry cobbler and key lime tart are also delicious dessert options.

The short trip up the highway is one that is well worth it because the brewery and restaurant is more than a place to have a tasty meal or drink a great craft beer.

“It’s kind of like a destination thing,” Larry said. “You have to have ideas to get people in. Our craft beer was our first idea. The brick oven was the second. And now we have the smoker. If you give people a great experience, they will come back. And we’ve been able to do that.”


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