ON THE MENU: Scooter's Fish House

Scooter’s is a seafood dining hot spot

It’s well after the normal lunch hour time and people are still coming through the door of Scooter’s Fish House, keeping the order taker up front on her toes.

It’s a clear-cut sign that the restaurant on Highway 87 South in Navarre is must-eat-at dining location, both for locals and tourists.

Scooter’s is ranked among the top five restaurants in Navarre, according to Trip Advisor, and there is no indication its popularity is going to trail off anytime soon.

Sam ‘Scooter’ Taylor opened the business with his brother, Stewart, and customers who come in will find a wide range of tasty menu items, including fresh fish like mullet, snapper, wahoo and flounder. Parrott Fish, Mahi, Triggerfish, Amberjack and Scallops are currently on the menu as well as the freshly caught fish available. Crab claws and colossal shrimp are also on the menu.

The two chalk boards located on either side of the ordering window show the latest items on the menu, including the fish of the day.

Inside the restaurant, decorative picnic tables brighten the casual dining area and provide that feel-right-at-home feeling. There is even seating on the back deck when the weather is nice. The deck has recently been redone and ready for use.

Fast and friendly customer service is something every customer will receive from the moment he or she walks into the restaurant until they leave after enjoying their meal.

It’s all about providing the best service possible to customers, according to Taylor.

All the recipes come from Scooter’s father. Those recipes were first featured at a small seafood business owned and operated by the family called Sam’s Oyster House, which was established in 1969.

Scooter’s is open from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. during the week. It is open until 9:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

Shrimp, fish and chicken tacos are also on the menu, and items like fried onions and okra can be purchased ala carte.

Fried and grilled dinners are popular among customers. And don’t forget about Scooter’s Platters, which feature fried fish, shrimp and oysters. All platters are served with hush puppies and a choice of two sides.

The Samwich is a must-have for customers as well. It features your choice of fish with tartar sauce and coleslaw on a large sesame seed bun. All Samwiches are served with fries.

There is even a kid’s menu with options such as fried fish, fried shrimp or fried chicken. All kid’s meals come with a side of fries and a hush puppy.

There are plenty of delicious sides as well, including BBQ Beans, fries and cheese grits. Pasta Salad is also an option.

The calamari is brought in from a shrimp boat and the mullet comes out of East Bay or the Sound, according to Taylor.

Dasani and filtered water are available to quench your thirst, as are drinks from the fountain soda machine.

And if you want dessert, Scooter’s has that, too. Key Lime Pie is now a staple on the menu. And the best part is that it’s made in house.

Not only can you purchase food at Scooter’s, but there are hats, shirts and hat pins available for purchase at the restaurant.

And Scooter’s is good at giving back, recently to a fundraiser to help support the Navarre High Cheerleading program.

Anyone looking for a job can fill out an application online at http://navarreseafood.com/job-opportunities-at-scooters/.

But if you are just hungry, head on over to Scooter’s today to reel in your perfect seafood meal.



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